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Jim Gaither
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What do you consider in a rod before you purchase it. Price,action,maker,color.componites,craftmanship,ect.


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bigwave dave
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When looking at a rod to purchase. I first look at the action for the purpose I intend to use the rod for. The second would be price. In many cases rods are over priced. Sometimes we are paying for the name, in some cases we are paying for the latest and supposed greatest. Third would be brand. Usually but not always a brand has a reputation with it that is fairly accurate ie Lomis quality and expensive and Ugly Stick cheap and durable. If I am unfamiliar with the brand then I look more closely to its construction.

I can speak from experience that Jim constucts a quality rod with exceptional attention to detail and uses top quality components. I have both a casting and spinning rod that Jim built  to fit the balance and color of my reel and for my intended use.  I would recommend a Guthook Rod to anyone that is looking for both a mix of quality and value.

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