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Jim Gaither
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Hey Anglers,

If you weren't at the Hawg Hunters Open at Hood River, you missed out on an Awesome day of fishing. We were joined by 9 of the best fishing teams in Oregon. There were light to moderate winds out of the west, most all the teams were running down river for their first stop of the day.

I was the boater for this tournament and Dave was the non boater, I don't think Dave thought that thru very well!! I don't call him BWD (Big Wave Dave ) for nothing. I'm not as smooth as Dave is on the river especially when you have Darryl And Dana coming at ya, like a rocket on rails.

As for Dave and I, our first stop only produced 3 small fish and at our second stop we found another competitor on it, so we moved on. It wasn't looking good, then Dave suggested a spot we normally don't fish because it just never produces any big fish. Well things changed this time in a good way, by 10:30 we had our 20+ lbs.

Dave and I continued to fish throughout the day, when we noticed that my batteries were getting weak (found out I have a bad battery) we tried to stay out of the wind as much as possible. We figured that we culled 2nd and 3rd place weight on Saturday and caught 50+ fish. It was an awesome day to be on the water.


Finishes (UNOFFICIAL will post as soon as it's available from Hawg Hunters):

Dave Heldstab and Net Boy.....................20.31

Darryl Burkhardt and Dana Mckee...........18+

Rick Beko and Daughter..........................17-18

Would like to remind everyone that Oregon ABA is holding an event on April 26 at Hoodriver.  A full schedule is posted in the ABA forum, please spread the word, lets get these guy's off their duff's and out fishing, or hmmmmm? staying home gives us a better chance. Hope to see you there!


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Doug Warren
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Good job..and good weights

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Zip Decker
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You guys slayed 'em.  2nd and 1st on the river back to back weeks.  Good story.  Congratualtions.  

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